There will come a time in Rust where you will want to establish yourself and therefore build your first base. The problem is that this base risks betraying your position to other players who will potentially want to come and loot you!

Defend your first home well

One of the things you will be advised to do if this is your very first home in Rust, it’s to build something quite small in a rather cramped and hidden area so that other players don’t get their hands on it.

But if you want to get started with your first real base, here are some tips. Put metal or even better reinforced doors to protect the entrance. Likewise, you can opt for an exterior stone wall. The goal will be to make the entrance into your house complicated.

Always in order to slow down the opponent and consume as much of his resources as possible, disperse your chests in several rooms, also protected by iron doors. The more doors and walls you have to destroy, the more you will be able to slow down your opponents in their progress.

Finally, you can trap the house in addition to the measures we have just given you. For this, we recommend two traps that you get quite quickly in the game, bear traps and mines.

Do not hesitate to hide them in places where your enemies are likely to pass and especially will struggle to see them. Later, you can improve this with better traps.

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