Rumors have emerged in recent days that Sony is working on new wireless headphones and also new wireless headphones for PS5.

According to the Insider Gaming portal, which broke the news, the headphones are known internally as Project Nomad, and could go on sale late next fiscal year. They are said to have five hours of battery life, similar to Apple’s AirPods.

The new headset, supposedly the successor to the Pulse 3D, is codenamed Voyager and would go on sale on similar dates to Nomad. Voyager is said to be comparable to Sony’s Inzone H7 headphones, but pricing has yet to be revealed.

Therefore, we do not have a specific release date for these products, but it is assumed that they could coincide with the release of the PS5 version with a removable disk drive, which has been rumored for a while. time.

Would you buy a wireless headset for your PS5?

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