According to Twitter user iFireMonkey, a well-known leaker of new Fortnite content, announced that the title will prepare an event related to Doctor Who, a popular science fiction series from the BBC. Supposedly, the event would last around two weeks, coinciding with the series’ 60th anniversary celebration, which kicks off later this year.

The user also posted an image of an early version of the event tab in the game menu. On the menu there will be references to the Tardis Already UNIT (Unified Intelligence Force). Other noteworthy information is that the item shop would have “2 skins, 2 pickaxes, 1 glider and 1 emote”.

The truth is, Fornite is strong on its long-standing collaborations with major franchises like Marvel, Star Wars, and more. It is not yet confirmed if this event will have as much depth as others, for example the collaborations with Star Wars, where the well-known lightsabers have been added as weapons or the incorporation of the Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi . It is also said that very soon Leon and Claire from Resident Evil 4 Remake They will arrive at the battle royale.

It must be remembered that Doctor Who will celebrate its 60th anniversary releasing three specials over the next month of November, hinting that his collaboration with Fornite will also arrive on those dates.


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