The price of the ASUS ROG Ally leaked via BestBuy, and the 512GB, 16GB RAM version will cost $699.99.

That seems like a pretty competitive price compared to Valve’s Steam Deck, which can cost between $399 and $649. However, if you look at the specs of the ROG Ally, you won’t be able to compare this laptop to the cheaper version of Valve’s model.

A few days ago, we already covered the ASUS ROG Ally specs, where it boasted of using the newly announced Ryzen Z1 processors, Steam Deck-beating performance with half the power consumption and the compatibility with FSR and RSR.

If that price turns out to be true, the Steam Deck will have a serious contender in a niche it has so far dominated without issue, and we’re really looking forward to it arriving already on May 11th and (presumably) putting the hand on ASUS ROG Ally. .

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