George A. Romero was the great inspiration for Robert Kirkman to create The Walking Dead. The day of the dead (Day of the Dead) is the main reference of him.

Robert Kirkman is one of the main banners of the horror genre in comics and on television thanks to The Walking Dead, his zombie story starring Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon and many other characters who have gone through this cruel apocalypse that has affected us. accompanied for so many years and that, on the other hand, will continue to expand in 2023 with a good string of spinoffs published through AMC. The screenwriter is currently finishing season 2 of Invincible, which will also be released next year, but he has taken time to answer questions from his fans, revealing which is his favorite zombie movie and the one that prompted him, for Therefore, to create this whole universe that is already part of popular culture.

After winning an Eisner award for his work on The Walking Dead, and so that fiction would not die on paper, the original comics began to be republished through The Walking Dead Deluxe collection, which adds color to Kirkman’s cartoons, adding also new covers and comments from those responsible for the most curious. In volume number 44, Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and Dave McCaig explain that a small reference to number 41 is a direct homage to The Day of the Dead, which is of course the favorite film of the head of this fiction. “It’s my favorite Romero movie, and my favorite zombie movie… I really can’t stop some things from leaking. It wasn’t intentional.”

The Day of the Dead was originally published in 1985 and focused on developing the concept of intelligence in zombies, an idea that on the other hand has also been seen in this final stretch of The Walking Dead with walkers capable of climbing and looking for victims. . These will have a greater role in the different spinoffs of 2023, so it is likely that we will see behaviors more similar to those seen in Romero’s work: will they be able to speak? Will they wield weapons wisely? Will it improve their communication as a herd? In any case, The Walking Dead has a great future ahead of it and Romero’s firm will continue to be very present in Kirkman’s fiction.

The different spinoffs of The Walking Dead will arrive throughout the next year

Maggie, Negan, Daryl, Rick and Michonne will be the main protagonists of the television projects that are about to arrive in 2023. The series focused on Rick and Michonne is postulated as one of the most important considering that both protagonists came out a bit shot from the main series and his fate was a mystery. In fact, Andrew Lincoln was supposed to star in a trilogy of films about Rick, but that has now been turned into a romance series.

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