It seems the stakes are always higher with the third round of a Bigger series. How are the characterizations? Are the mechanics getting better and not worse? Do the plot threads come together and provide enough answers? A bad ending can spoil the whole experience and tarnish memories of previous episodes. Fortunately, Biggest Ryza 3 It exceeds expectations and is a fitting send-off to the characters we’ve rooted for years.

Ryza has spent years figuring out what to do with her life and achieving her alchemy goals, and Biggest Ryza 3 it starts with us seeing how it worked for her. She is a pillar of the Kurken Island community, trusted for her skills and insight. Her childhood friends Bos and Tao seem impressed with her. It’s a good thing he came this far, because strange things are happening. A group of islands now known as the Kark Islands appeared out of nowhere, Ryza heard a mysterious voice and felt weird as she investigated them. Earthquakes also struck again, though she stabilized her hometown in the original. Bigger Ryza with friends. Seeing where it all leads, she summons her friends Klaudia and Lent, joining them and other allies such as Patty, Kala, Dian, Federica, Empel, and Lila to figure out what’s going on.

What is particularly appreciated Biggest Ryza 3 this is how she really focuses on not just Ryza herself, but her friends as well. It’s a story of personal growth and empowerment, of course. We’ve seen how Ryza has grown from a precocious teenager to a mature and confident adult. But at the same time, it happened with Klaudia, Lent and Tao. It even seems that Gust appreciates the importance of this central quartet, because it takes time in the game’s introduction to fair focus on them four returning to start a new adventure all over again, and Bos gracefully takes a step back so they can have their moment.

That being said, it’s also appreciated that this attention to character detail isn’t left to the fans alone. major Four We’ve seen Bos and Patty grow in previous games, and it continues here as well. Spoilers aside, some people tend to get priority while others get left out. But overall, you can feel like you’re getting to know some of them. So much so that if someone hasn’t followed the entire series, they won’t appreciate how the characters relate to each other and how far their conversations have evolved. Yeah, that’s my way of pointing out that Biggest Ryza 3 this is a game you should 100% not play unless you have played the previous two entries. It’s great, but part of it comes from continuous development and reward.

Especially since there’s so much going on here, and the occasional focus on main characters like Ryza, Klaudia, Lent, Tao, and even Bos or Patty, means you can focus on one thing when it’s on. it’s about a lot of other things. You have new members in the group. There are keys that can be used in synthesis, to open doors, and to deal with battles. There’s your expanded Workshop, with bonuses you can activate. Synthesis involves basic recipes, going through which ones you need to craft additional items, adding super traits to creations, using keys to upgrade them, and earning SP to unlock more bonuses in the game. Ryza’s skill tree. There are campaign missions, world missions, and even short missions that you might encounter in the field that involve a task like defeating certain enemies. It gets a lot, so being able to refocus on certain people’s stories or certain marked alchemy projects helps. Especially since the story can wander off a bit and take a little while to get into things.

While there may be pacing issues, those don’t exist for battles. Biggest Ryza 3 it builds on systems and concepts from the previous two games. That means this time around you have three characters who can actively attack enemies as their action gauge fills up, switch between aggressive and support modes, and goad backline allies to engage in a combo and join the fight. Chaining attacks for combos is again a priority, as is getting monster energy for keys. The only thing that might turn people off in these early fights is that wearing equipped items requires Core Charge, which you get by making smart combat decisions. The fact that keys can be used speeds it up even more by doing things like reducing requirements. Although the game can be challenging at times, it really helps people who are here to create get back to what they love most.

The synthesis is also quite satisfactory. But then it was always something of a highlight for the Bigger Ryza series. Again, this feels like a system where Ryza learns and grows as an alchemist as you make creations. In effect, you follow what is essentially a “map” by taking all the items you find while exploring the world and connecting them as needed. The more you find, the more you can make, and it definitely feels like an achievement when you’ve raised your quality caps in the skill tree or finally found the item you needed to use a family recipe. to create something entirely new. Keys amplify this, given that you can get more items or traits that make good or useful items even more valuable.

On the exploration side, it’s great to go around the world again! Old and new locations appear, which is appreciated. It’s also fun if you get a flashback to a moment from a previous entry when you first get there. I loved how underwater exploration works and occasionally encounter dolphins to make exploring the aquatic spaces a lot of fun. People quickly access collection tools, so you don’t feel locked into areas. Not to mention that fast travel is basically available as soon as you enter and hitting a waypoint is a bliss. The world also feels more connected, with no burdens really breaking the immersion between areas and battles like in previous games.

Gust Koei Tecmo

However, it’s not quite perfect. However, many of these questions may bother some more than others, depending on the importance of different elements of the Bigger Series are for people. The skill tree that remains a mystery until you unlock the nodes has me deep down frustrated because you can’t see what’s waiting for you in one direction until you buy an upgrade. Some spaces may seem too wide, with lots of empty areas in certain places and around towns. What annoyed me the most was the auto-crafting feature’s tendency to waste my materials when I just wanted to quickly craft a few more bombs or healing items. It would ultimately be faster to do it manually, instead of letting it do it for me, because then I would have to stop the automated process to adjust the amounts.

Additionally, the Switch version of Biggest Ryza 3 you feel you are making sacrifices. The characters look amazing. The cutscenes are pretty good too. However, when Ryza enters the field, you can see some of the flaws. There were times in particularly crowded areas with a number of enemies and items where I noticed a frame rate drop. While enemies still looked good and some objects and areas were found, I occasionally ran into a rally point or environmental access where texture quality dropped and felt out of place. Not to mention, the further away something was, the worse it would look. Watch a dragon from far enough away, and instead of fluid, flying animations, you’ll see jerky movements.

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Biggest Ryza 3 This is a game that keeps its promises. We’ve spent years getting to know Ryza and her friends and learning more about their world. Now there’s this reward that’s really satisfying. Yes, some minor elements may prevent it from being completely perfect. Considering all he accomplishes, it’s still an admirable achievement.

Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End and the Secret Key is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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