In Resident Evil Village, many puzzles and collectibles are scattered all over the place. Some are well hidden while others can help you improve your character in a number of ways. Here we explain how to find the Luthier’s key.

During your visit to Maison Beneviento, during Chapter 4 of Resident Evil Village, you will find a key leading to loot.

We explain how to find this key and how to use it:

After defeating Donna Beneviento, you will gain access to a house with a well, located in the gardens of the House of Beneviento. The key should lie inside the bedroom of the house.

Then go back towards the western part of the village and go to the Luthier Loot contained in the house behind a blue iron gate.

Open the door with the key and search the house to find various objects and find a chest locked with a code. The code on the license plate is not the correct one, look for the clue on the word on the board referring to a birthday.

The correct code is in the kitchen, on a drawing hanging on the wall.

Enter the correct code, 270917, and pick up your loot, the Steel Hraesvelg and a Large capacity rifle magazine F2.

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