Resident Evil 4 Remake Review: Survival Horror Perfected

Resident Evil 4 Remake Review: Survival Horror Perfected

Back in 2008, Capcom gave us a game that redefined the survival horror genre. Who knew it could continue to be perfected nearly two decades later.

The review is based on the PS5 version. It is also relevant for PC, XSX and PS4 versions.

Resident Evil 4 was one of my favorite GameCube games back then. It had the right level of action, suspense, and atmosphere that the show had honed over the years. It surprised me at times, traumatized my brother every time he heard a chainsaw, and kept me coming back to it years after my first game. It was one of those rare adult GameCube games that still holds a special place in my heart and library.


  1. Incredible atmosphere that amplifies the moments of horror, panic and stress that you will experience.
  2. Clever puzzles and level designs that surpass the original.
  3. Improved combat and movement controls giving you more room to explore and fight.
  4. A scary good time for new players and veterans alike.


  1. The side game Mercenaries is not included in the version

With so many accolades under its belt, it’s no surprise that Resident Evil 4 is the next mainline series game to get a remake, but for a game that many consider a near-perfect example of a survival horror experience, what else could Capcom do to make it even better?? Several hours and games later, not only have I found the answer to that question, but I’m sure we now have a new standard for how Resident Evil games, or any game of that genre, are created, because, oh yeah, it’s so good.

Panic atmosphere

Resident Evil 4 Remake developed by Capcom

One of the reasons RE4 was so successful is that it created the atmosphere of terror and despair the series is known for, but it also introduced new ways to explore your surroundings and eliminate enemies, while featuring intense combat and cutscenes. put us on the edge of our seat. Those quick events of the original are long gone, but what remains is a level of intensity that’s hard to replicate in words, but best experienced on your own.

Take, for example, the intro part of the game. When Leon walks into this spooky town and notices people huddled around a stake as they set fire to someone very much alive, the reality comes in. Not only are you in a place where you shouldn’t be, but now you also have to defend yourself from everyone. those crazy villagers all alone. You don’t know this area yet, what if you hit a dead end while people are chasing you, or worse, what if you run out of ammo because you’re new to the game game and your aim is wrong? And just when you thought you had survived the worst, you hear the sounds of a guy with a chainsaw behind you.

These are the ingredients that create exciting, even panicky situations in the game that RE4 introduced and the remake has now perfected. Even if you already played the original many years ago or even last week, chances are you will experience all those feelings again just because of how different but familiar.. The game’s enhanced music, sounds, and graphics intensify the jump scares you thought you were used to, and the constant knowledge that there’s something out there will continue to haunt your mind until all enemies in a room are eliminated.

Resident Evil 4 Remake developed by Capcom

Leon can now run and shoot, which took me a while to realize was new because today’s games have those controls. This slight change makes engagements against groups of enemies more of a chance to test your skills with your aim, but also gives you more options in your approach. Do you want a headshot to take them out faster or do you want to aim for their knees to knock them down and follow up with a melee attack? In addition to being able to crouch, moving while aiming gives you space and a chance to plan your next move. It doesn’t take away the stress you’ll feel when you’re stuck, but it does make it easier to explore and find your way around when the going gets crazy.

Even Leon’s knife plays a more active role in your survival this time around. Playing the game on Extreme difficulty for my first run, I had to quickly learn to perfect the art of parrying or I’d lose precious health or die before I knew it. The knife allows you to deflect attacks and even use it as an additional weapon if you run out of ammo. The more you use it to deflect or stab enemies, the more it wears out and eventually breaks until you fix it. As with its controls, this new use of the knife doesn’t make the game any easier, as it also forces you to consider those possibilities and forces you to juggle your limited resources like any good survival horror should.

A captivating, cheesy and memorable story


Resident Evil 4 Remake developed by Capcom

The original Resident Evil 4 told a haunting story that grew increasingly sinister as you progressed through the game. Six years after the events of RE2, Agent Leon Kennedy is tasked with locating and bringing back the girl. of the president after she was kidnapped and taken to an isolated rural community in Spain. There he uncovers more secrets and experiments that turn people into living hosts for a deadly parasite.. Its remake tells the same story, but new lines, cutscenes, and slight narrative tweaks keep your attention throughout its many chapters, even if you already know what’s to come next.. In fact, because the game probably knows that many players have already beaten the original, there are moments that will surprise you in the best possible way. It’s not just a carbon copy of the original – it’s a brilliant diamond that continues to glow in the dark.


Resident Evil 4 scared us when we were younger, but it still leaves us shaken (in a good way) nearly two decades later, as it sets the benchmark for what survival horrors and remakes should look like. .

A great example of how the game feels even better than the original is how its many areas have been redesigned to make the experience even scarier without taking away from the creativity of the original. The castle, for example, features several new rooms and puzzles. You may know that you need to find a certain item to place on a statue to progress, but where you find that item or what you need to survive to access it is another matter entirely. These moments will always give you a boost and keep you on your toes whether you’re new to the game or not.


Resident Evil 4 Remake developed by Capcom

Some of the cheesiness of the original has also been toned down and the new lines mean that Leon doesn’t seem as self-conscious as he did in 2008. That said, Leon is still a witty guy, so his plethora of one-liners will make you even laugh. when confronted by a mutated scorpion-like priest in a burning barn. Even Ashley, the president’s daughter, seems more mature and less annoying than before. When you hit her, she is incapacitated, but you will no longer have to drop a healing item. Cutscenes continue to give substance to your actions, but you don’t have to worry about button prompts and you can just take a breather as your quick reflexes are now needed during combat.

Even the Merchant, one of the game’s most memorable characters, returns but gives you more ways to earn money in your fight for survival. You still need money to pay for all your weapons, upgrades, and repair services, but now you can adorn certain treasures with gems to increase their selling price. Now you can also fulfill requests such as knocking over nearby blue medallions or finding a golden egg among certain hens to score you spinels that you can exchange for even more treats.

Set the bar high

I remember spending hours playing the Mercenaries add-on mode in the original, while Capcom plans to release it separately as free downloadable content in the future, for now we just have to make do with the main game which will give you about 16 hours of fun. . – and that’s not counting the many times you have to replay certain areas because you end up dying. Each chapter reveals challenges to complete that will motivate you to play again, as they will give you points to spend on new weapons, art, and even costumes for Leon and Ashley. Personally, I don’t need any incentive to play it again, but racking up those points to then spend more stuff on my next game is half the fun. Not to mention, you’ll need all the help you can get if you plan to jump into the hardest mode without quick saves and finish the game with a perfect S rank.

Resident Evil 4 scared us when we were younger, but it still leaves us shaken (in a good way) nearly two decades later. Because the game changed the way we experience the genre upon release, the developers worked hard to create a game that meets all of those expectations, but doesn’t stray too far from what made the original so awesome. .. in the first place.

Playing the original now, I’m actually surprised at how limited the game is. There was certainly room for improvement despite it being such an exceptional entry at the time, and Capcom knew it. The result was a remake that’s been a smash hit, taking everything the original offered but refining it even further. Ultimately, Resident Evil 4 is impressive and sets a new benchmark for what survival horrors and remakes should look like.

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