A Resident Evil 4 Remake mod has landed that adds Nvidia DLSS support to Capcom’s horror remake, and apparently puts AMD FSR 2.1 to shame. While the two graphics scalers give Valve’s handheld a much-needed boost, the GeForce feature seems to generate higher fps while producing better visuals.

Our best Resident Evil 4 Remake setup guide proves that you can increase fps while remake, but it might be difficult if your rig isn’t armed with the best graphics card. This is where scalers like AMD FSR 2.1 come in, as they can effectively help you achieve frame rate boost tricks that will get you to the 60fps line. Of course, the Resident Evil 4 Remake modding community is working hard to add pizzazz to one of the best horror games on PC, and that includes adding an unofficial Nvidia DLSS 3.1 option.

A demo from YouTube channel MxBenchmarkPC shows the Resident Evil 4 Remake DLSS mod in action, including a handy side-by-side comparison. Fps trackers for FSR 2.1 and DLSS 3 suggest the former delivers around 12% more frames while running at 1440p with most high settings enabled. It should also be noted that an RTX 3060 is used for testing, a card that does not officially support DLSS 3.

Of course, we recommend trying the RE4 Remake DLSS mod to see if it packs more punch than FSR 2.1, as your mileage may vary. Also, it’s worth remembering that MxBenchmarkPC says it uses DLSS 3.1.11 and benefits like Frame Generation mean it’s not exactly a fair fight. Ultimately, we can decide on a clear winner once FSR 3 arrives, as AMD’s Fluid Motion Frames technology could make all the difference.

If you’re looking to play around with Capcom’s Scary Walk, you’ll want to check out the best Resident Evil 4 Remake mods. Of course, if you hope to fight the Los Illuminados cult without interference, you’ll need to arm Leon with the best weapons.

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