At the start of the game you will find a church puzzle with blue, green and red spheres. In this Resident Evil 4 Remake Church Puzzles guide, we explain where you can find the final dial and how you need to solve the puzzle to get out of the church and progress through the game.

This is one of the easiest puzzles in Resident Evil 4 Remake. There are three dials you need to use, they look like medallions with an insect symbol on them. When you arrive at the church, the first two dials are already on the pedestal, so you only have to find the last one.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Church Puzzle Guide

You can find the blue sphere just to the right, when entering the church. Simply walk up to the pedestal, then use the blue dial to place it on the device. This will allow you to move each of the dials left or right. Each time you move one of the dials, the stained glass rotates in the image in front of you. You must align the glass panels correctly so that the white does not appear in the image.

It’s a pretty easy riddle, but watch the video above if you’re having trouble solving it.


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