Resident Evil 4 Remake broke the series record on Steam in just a few hours

Resident Evil 4 Remake broke the series record on Steam in just a few hours

Resident Evil 4 Remake quickly set a new all-time activity record for the entire series on Steam, significantly surpassing the achievements of previous leader Resident Evil Village.

Yesterday marked the debut of Resident Evil 4, a remake of Capcom’s iconic survival horror game from 2005. We’ll still have to wait a bit for official sales results, but judging by how the game is doing on Steam , can already be considered a great success.

  1. Eight hours after its release, Resident Evil 4 it was played on Steam by 116,000 players simultaneously. In this way RE4 broke the activity record set by Resident Evil Village (106,000 people), which was the series’ most popular installment to date on Valve’s service.
  2. By the way, it wasn’t the best Resident Evil 4 could achieve. The game’s performance continues to grow: two hours ago it reached 147,000 concurrently playing players on Steam, and before the weekend is over it will surely be even better.
  3. Activity logs on Steam show how the series’ popularity has grown over the past few years. With the exception of Resident Evil 3, which has gone a little colder, each new installment in the series has seen a huge jump in interest in the platform.

Resident Evil 4 not only generates impressive activity results on Steam, but also get great reviews from users of this service. 95% of critics praise this remakewhich is rated as an “extremely positive” reception.

Finally, remember that Resident Evil 4 was released on PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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