We’re starting to hear a lot about Redfall lately, including some very positive previews that are always good to see just before launch. The team has also been in touch with various outlets to discuss different elements of the game, and a new interview reveals just how much time we can expect to spend with Arkane’s open-world FPS.

In a new Q&A session with Wccftech, the team revealed that Redfall will be about 20 hours if you’re “rolling full speed” through the campaign, expect many players to search for even more in the game.

“You might be able to finish Redfall in 20 hours if you rush it, but for a lot of people it will take longer than that, especially if you’re doing Safe Houses, Nests, exploring the whole world. There’s also this whole system called Grave Locks that allows you to upgrade some of your powers. I think the finalists will be happy. And then, of course, you might want to swap characters.

What you saw today was District One, Redfall Commons. It’s quite a large space, but there are actually two districts in the game. When you complete the first district, you move on to the second, Burial Point, which is another huge space. The former is more urban, with tour boats and such, while the latter is more rural, with farms and barns and such.”

Elsewhere, we’ve also seen a new Redfall story trailer showing off the vampiric world of Arkane, and now we know the team is working hard to get the game working offline in the future. So you’re in full steam for the next Xbox console exclusive, coming to Xbox Game Pass on May 2, 2023.

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(source wccftech.com)

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