Razer unveils a new gaming chair, the Iskur X, a less comfortable version than the original Iskur, but it is offered $121 less.

Razer is a manufacturer of gaming computers and accessories. The brand is particularly in the gaming chair market, offering rather expensive products to allow players to spend long hours in perfect comfort. Today, the manufacturer is launching a new, more affordable reference.

Razer unveils its Iskur X gaming chair

In 2020, Razer unveiled a gaming chair, the Iskur. It was then offered at the public price of $607, which makes it a chair not really affordable. That being said, if you are looking for something more affordable in the brand’s catalog, know that the company has just made official a new reference, called Iskur X. This one costs “only” $485, or $121 less than the first version.

Cheaper than the original Iskur but less comfortable

How could Razer bring the price down like this? To begin with, the company made certain modifications, in particular to the armrests. These are no longer 4D but only 2D in terms of movements, which is quite acceptable if you don’t have much to do with them, or almost.

Perhaps the most important shortcoming lies in the lumbar support. If you have back problems, or if this point is very important to you, it is better to turn to the original Iskur model $121 more expensive.

That being said, Razer has also announced that it will sell a lumbar pad and a head pad for this Iskur X chair. These will be sold separately for $73 and $60 respectively. In other words, in total you would get it for $620, which is $12 more than the original Iskur.

The chair itself supports a maximum weight of 136 kg but the product sheet does not mention any maximum height. Probably it is similar to that of Iskur. If this gaming chair interests you or if you want to know more, head to the Razer website to pre-order.

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