In this guide, we introduce the Ravenswatch characters. Learn more about classes and their abilities.

Ravenswatch is a recently released roguelite game that has gained popularity among thousands of players. In this title, the player takes control of a character who finds himself in a devastated country now inhabited by strange and monstrous creatures. The protagonist must fight these opponents and become stronger, as he only has a few days left before the boss awakens. The final fight is difficult and the player must be well prepared to face it. It is therefore important to choose the right class. In this guide, we will talk about the characters.


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  1. Night: When night falls, transform into a werewolf with new abilities.
  2. Day: At dawn, resume human form.


  1. Chain of stabs, each dealing 15 damage.
  2. Every two consecutive attacks that hit an enemy generate a combo point (can store up to 3).

quick hit

  1. Dash forward, dealing 40 damage along the way.
  2. Spend all combo points, damage is increased by 50% for each point spent.


  1. Drops a bomb that explodes after a short duration.
  2. Deal 60 damage to enemies and stun heroes in the area.


  1. Hide under the cloak and become immaterial for 2 seconds.
  2. The attack or power activated during this effect has +100% critical strike chance.

memory of the hunter

  1. Fire a shotgun, dealing 150 damage in a wide cone.
  2. Stores 2 charges.

the colorful bagpiper

Ravenswatch characters;  Explanation of all classes - image #2


  1. Rats sprout from the ground at regular intervals and follow Hero (up to 20 rats).
  2. Activate to command all Rats to attack enemies, attacking up to 3 times for 5 damage each, then dying.


  1. Hold to play the flute, sending notes that deal 6 damage each.
  2. Does not impede movement but reduces movement speed.


  1. Olay a flute solo, sending out 3 waves of 3 notes, each dealing 12 damage.
  2. Does not impede movement but reduces movement speed.

very strong

  1. Creates an area of ​​power that makes enemies within Vulnerable.

acoustic breath

  1. Creates an acoustic explosion, stunning and knocking back all enemies.

raging melody

  1. Play notes continuously very quickly, automatically targeting the nearby enemy and dealing up to 120 damage per second.
  2. During this ability, the hero runs forward but can orient himself.


Ravenswatch characters;  Explanation of all classes - image #3

last wurm

  1. Call Wyrm to reinforce the next Power, Special or Defense.

runic sword

  1. Chain attacks with the sword, the last attack deals +200% damage.
  2. The full combo deals a total of 70 damage.

shock wave

  1. Scratch the sword on the ground to send a shockwave forward, dealing 50 damage along the way.
  2. +Wyrm: Deals +50% damage and applies Ignite to enemies hit.


  1. Spins with the sword, dealing 15 damage in all directions, then ends with a swing that deals 60 damage in all directions.
  2. +Wyrm: Deals +50% damage, finisher applies Ignite to enemies hit.


  1. Hold to raise the shield and block all incoming damage, release to slam with the shield and deal 30 damage.
  2. +Wyrm: Deals +50% damage, each blocked attack heals all surrounding heroes for 30% of blocked damage.

dragon flight

  1. Wyrm takes off and stalks enemies, continuously spitting fire throughout its run, dealing 200 damage per second and applying Ignite to hit enemies.
  2. The trait is disabled during this time.

Snow Queen

Ravenswatch characters;  Explanation of all classes - image #4

ice skating

  1. Increases movement speed and creates frost underfoot, chilling enemies you cross.
  2. Dayfrost: Inflicts 30 damage.
  3. Night Frost: Lasts 6 seconds.

ice spears

  1. Fires spears of ice that deal 20 damage and pierce enemies.
  2. Ice Spears deal +50% damage to frozen targets.

breath of frost

  1. Create a large area of ​​frost, spawning enemies in Chilled.
  2. Dayfrost: Inflicts 60 damage.
  3. Night Frost: Lasts 6 seconds.

ice shard

  1. Pops all frozen enemies, dealing 50 damage and removing their frozen state.


  1. Launches a cone of cold forward, knocking enemies back and freezing them.

frost ray

  1. Channels a bolt of frost to the ground, dealing 120 damage per second and creating frost in the targeted area.
  2. Dayfrost: Deals +50% damage.
  3. Night Frost: Lasts 6 seconds.

Other courses at Ravenswatch

There are 6 characters available in Early Access. We only present 4 of them because the last two are locked – you have to beat the game to play them. We’ll try to update this article when we can tell you more about them.

The developers plan to add more classes later, so be patient.

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