A group of cheat makers were in full swing before the police carried out a raid.

The cheat business for computer games can generate enormous income, but it can also lead directly to jail, like one Raid in China. As reported by the BBC, the Chinese police, in cooperation with the Tencent corporation, arrested a group of cheat developers who were operating from the city of Kunshan.

During the raid, the police seized assets such as luxury sports cars. Overall, the value of all confiscated goods is supposed to be added the equivalent of around 64 million euros have totaled. This shows how lucrative (and dangerous) the business of cheats for games can be when, as in this case, it takes on gigantic dimensions.

Group acted worldwide

The police described the group as the “biggest operation ever” that was active in the area of ​​cheats. The group was known under the name “Chicken Drumstick” and sold cheats for Overwatch and Call of Duty Mobile via its own website.

The income came about through monthly and annual subscriptions, the prices of which ranged between the equivalent of 8.50 euros per day and 170 euros per year. The group has served a global customer base and has amassed a huge fortune over time.

According to media reports, the police arrested ten people and destroyed 17 cheats. At the same time, the law enforcement officers collected the valuables. The reports do not reveal whether this also included cash. This should mean the end of the group in its current form.

The fight against cheats

Cheats in multiplayer games have always been frowned upon. With the triumphant advance of the internet and the growth of mainstream gamers, the controversial topic has picked up speed over the past 15 years. Almost every competitive online game has to contend with cheaters.

The scam software is widely sold on the internet. Many developers defend themselves by developing anticheat software on the one hand and taking legal action against the operators of relevant websites on the other. This sometimes leads to spectacular successes, which, however, are rarely substantial or lasting. There is a constant arms race between cheat manufacturers and game developers.

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