Radical is one of those car brands that most people don’t know about because it’s a niche company that creates vehicles for car enthusiasts. But despite this, the company has what it considers an entry-level car, and on that matter, it has now updated this model.

Radical The company has announced in a communication that it is dando the XXR treatment on the SR1 model, which means that it will improve the engine, the design of the chassis and the durability of the coach, so that it will be more efficient and more rapid in Track.

It’s not the first time Radical has applied the XXR treatment to its cars, but it’s the first time its most affordable vehicle has received this package, and indeed the first time in six years that the SR1 has received an upgrade. important update.

Radical Motorsport Head of Research James Pinkerton says: “Although an entry level rider, the SR1 XXR offers an outstanding package with unrivaled performance for the money that will get you on the grid in a professionally run race series. “


The car is available to order from today and is expected to go into production this summer, all before shipping in early February 2024.


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