Available for a few weeks, Sony’s new VR headset seems to be raising a lot of expectations among PlayStation officials.

If the first iteration had been wildly successful over the years, The PS VR2 should continue this success worldwide.

PS5: Sony places great hopes on its PS VR2

February 22, Sony’s latest VR headset comes with plenty of apps in its portfolio. We think in particular of Gran Turismo 7 or Horizon: Call of The Mountain, which undoubtedly remain the most striking experiences. Afterwards, now it’s time for PlayStation to take a first look at the hardware release.

Hiroki Totoki, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Sony, said that the company was “very pleased with the launch of the headset”. According to him, the first version has “reached five million units, and I think we have a good opportunity to exceed this level with the PlayStation VR2”.

Totoki then touched on the predictions that the global virtual reality market could be one of the fastest growing areas of entertainment during the first half of this decade. Indeed, according to him, the virtual reality market has “good potential for technological development”.

As a reminder, at the end of January, our colleagues from the Bloomberg media claimed that the first quarter sales forecast for the helmet had been halved because pre-orders were deemed insufficient. In response, Sony had said it hadn’t cut PS VR2 production numbers.

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