Women’s esports are growing and growing day by day. Between tournaments dedicated to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, leagues dedicated to the Valorant Champions Tour, and much more, there are more and more ways for women to break into the world of esports. And today’s news only accentuates it.

Because the tournament’s organizing body, Projekt Gap, has announced that it will launch a new initiative to support and showcase women in the world of electronic sports. Known as Pathfinders, it will kick off with a League of Legends tournament in May, followed by three more tournaments throughout 2023.

The announcement tells us that each event will see eight teams compete in a best-of-three tie, and that there will be a £500 prize pool for each event.

As for how teams will qualify for Pathfinders, the tournament will feature six semi-funded slots, which organizations commit to participating in for an entire year. The last two will be reserved for qualified teams during the open tests before each tournament. For the start of Pathfinders, the franchise teams are; Solary, Galaxy Racer, G2 Esports, QLash Midnight, Vitality French Bees and BIG Chroma.

The League of Legends tournament, which will begin, will take place on May 27 and 28, and the open playoffs will take place between May 13 and 14.

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