VSas good lovers of survival, We at MARCA Gaming have been giving Project Zomboid a lot of shit for a while now.. So much so that we started wondering how we could push the experience a little further, although the answer is quite simple: through mods. Ultimately, these user-created mods allow us to expand the game in ways never seen before. Today we feature some of the best mods we’ve found for Project Zomboid.

mod manager

If you’re going to use a lot of mods and you’re not playing on a server, but running the game from your own PC, this mod manager can make setting up everything you use much more comfortable. Basically, it’s a mod manager whose objective is to make our lives easier before we start playing. There is a variant that works particularly well with servers, so we’ll also leave it for you in case you want to try it. Now, not all hosting services accept it. You’ll have to check it out to find out.

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Raven’s Stream

For many players, this mod is one of the best we can find when looking for new game maps. It is one of the most complete, complex and extensive that we can find, giving us a completely new experience. Play with the concept of a big city, so the difficulty is even higher. Skyscrapers and tall buildings are mines of resources, but they are also death traps.

Recycle and reuse almost anything

Mod that allows to reuse a lot of useless objects in the game, making diving even more powerful and allowing us to do a lot of additional tasks and movements. It is a rather curious extension that allows us to develop our experience as survivors in a way never seen in the original version of the game.

Superb survivors!

If you are not playing on a large server with many players, you may feel like the game is empty and there are no other survivors. Beyond certain events, which most often take place out of frame, there is not much to do with the others. Survivors are added with this mod, but beware, as each has their own quirks. Not everyone needs to be friendly and you might end up worse off than you were…

Hotbar for 5-20 times often used

A fairly simple mod that can go against the game’s basic realism mechanics, but gives it a lot of quality of life if you’re looking for a slightly more enjoyable experience. Roughly, allows us to include a quick access bar from 5 to 20 objects to be able to access them more quickly without having to search the backpack. Now it does not make them used quickly, but we see them directly. It’s different. You must equip it, as always, if you are not carrying it in your hands.

More strokes

It’s clear that character customization and creation is one of the game’s strengths, but sometimes it’s unavoidable to feel like there aren’t many traits to choose from. With More Traits many new ones are added. Even better, it has a Spanish translation, but it requires additional installation to work properly.

Best lock picking

With this mod we will expand the different game options and make it a little more difficult to incurse into closed places, robberies and bridges in cars, etc. It adds an extra layer of depth to the game that many users may like, although it’s not for everyone because it’s so specific.

Bedford Falls


Another pretty flashy city mod that is considered one of the best in the community. It offers a fairly complex map of urban character and vast forest areas. Its difficulty level is quite high, so it is not recommended for novice players.

Brita Weapons and Armor

Here we have joined two different mods, but they were made by the same person. These are the Britas packs, able to differentiate one of the weapons from the other of the armors. As their names suggest, they add a lot of gun-related items and pieces of defensive gear. In addition to adding new types of backpacks, helmets, bulletproof vests, etc., it includes night vision goggles, different types of guns… it makes the game much more military, but it’s not so easy to get them. PS Yes, there are rocket launchers.

  • link to weapons
  • link to armor

True actions. Acts 1 & 2

Tired of not being able to interact with chairs and cameras? Since it ends with True Actions, a mod that adds various actions for various furniture to make the game even more real. And while they don’t add anything, they do give you an extra layer of immersion, which never hurts.

Take a bath

Following the dynamics of True Actions, in Take a bath, actions related to bathtubs are added. And it’s nothing else, but seeing how our character washes himself by pouring water on himself for several minutes is not particularly fun. PS It does not include material for adults, because the fun is that we will play with the clothes we wear. It’s weird, but curious.


Another mod we like, because it basically adds the ability to develop antibodies when we take a bite. It depends on chance, because we won’t always be able to fight off the infection, but the better our health and the more we go through the process, the easier it will be to show up as a seller again and again.


If you want to expand the experience to a level never seen before, Hydrocraft is the perfect mod for you. through it dozens, dozens and more dozens of new recipes, objects and textures are added. From animals to pots, this mod allows us to take the game to a new level, increasing our possibilities of play in a very extensive way.

The Walking Dead Project – Pack

If you have been playing Project Zomboid for a while, this mod can be very interesting. O site encanta The Walking Dead. After all, it adds a lot of locations based on the TV series, allowing us to “relive” some of the most iconic moments in fiction.

Equipment UI – Tarkov Style UI


Simple mod, but one that brings quality of life to the game. Simply, it adds an interface through which we can interact in a much more efficient, direct and comfortable way with our inventory. Specifically, with the clothes we have equipped. Thanks to this modification, we will not have to search our inventory to switch from one garment to another. It is basically comfortable.

Autotsar Trailers

Tired of not being able to carry enough gas for a single trip and having to go every two out of three to fill up? With this mod, that story comes to an end, as the number of trailers increases dramatically. In addition, add trailers in the shape of a caravan or an electric generator, among others. Without a doubt, one of our favorites and one of the most useful.

Weapon status indicator

While it’s true that this mod goes against the game’s sense of reality, the truth is that it’s extremely useful. Roughly, adds a sort of resistance meter to our weapons so we know what their status is at a glance to our character’s inventory or quick access bar (via belts for example).

Basements (stanos)

This is one of our favorite Project Zomboid mods because it includes something as rare and unique as secret underground bases.. Indeed, this mod will allow us to design our own basement to hide our most important assets… or simply enjoy the magic that the bunkers offer us. There are three different levels and, of course, it will not be free to build them, since we will need a lot of resources to do so.

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