One of the teams that will have the most followers within this Queens League will surely be the team of Porcinas FC, of ​​Ibai Llanos and Gemita. They were unlucky early in the draft with the order, finding number 10, but they were happy with their picks.

“They were all in our Top 10, so now to win the Queens,” Gemita commented after the repechage, very happy and confident with her team’s result.

The 10 Porcinas players

  1. Sara Roncero
  2. Leaf of Ximel
  3. Marta Roldn
  4. alicia herndez
  5. Raquel Guerra
  6. Iris Domguez
  7. Paula Fernandez
  8. coral amate
  9. The one and only Alonso
  10. Marina Barneda

Sandra Paos, Porcinas Ambassador

Gemita has also officially announced who will be the ambassador for the Porcinas team in this split: Sandra Baos. The Ftbol Club Barcelona goalkeeper experienced the repechage in person: “I’m amazing, very happy with the team that has been achieved. Now to enjoy this, which will surely be spectacular as the Kings League was. I’ll try to contribute whatever I can and I’m here for whatever is needed.”

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