Amazon is handing out a new one via Prime Gaming Pokemon Go October 2022 promo code. Prime members currently get access to Bundle #11, which includes additional “free” items for the smartphone hit. This time you sag 20 Ultra Balls, five Top Revives, and a Knursp a. The latter are special snacks that automatically fill up your buddy Pokémon’s hunger meter and raise their mood to Excited. You’ll also automatically get the maximum number of daily Affection Hearts in the “Give Your Buddy a Snack” category.

Promo code with additional items

The current promo code is available at Prime Gaming until October 21st. After that there will be another gift, then item bundle number 12 will go live. This should end the campaign at Prime Gaming: After the summer campaign, Niantic and Amazon announced that they wanted to extend the distribution of promo codes into October. The promo overview on the Prime Gaming website also only shows one remaining item package. It remains to be seen whether there will be additional items for Pokémon Go at Prime Gaming in winter.

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This is how you redeem the codes

To redeem the Prime promo codes for Pokémon Go on Android, you first switch to the in-game shop in the game. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and enter the code you received from Prime Gaming. Confirms the entry. After that, the items will be available in your adventure. On iOS you surf to the Niantic website. There you log in with your account data and then enter the promo code for Pokémon Go from the Prime Gaming campaigns. After confirming your entries, you open the adventure on your iPhone and you can pick up the items. The Prime subscription costs 8.99 euros per month. Exclusive offers are currently running for all members – including switch games and selected smartphones.

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