And Xbox successfully acquire ActivisionBlizzard and the franchise of Call of Dutythe players of PlayStation they won’t have to worry about missing content.

Exclusivity with certain consoles for certain content or games is one of the main ways PlayStation and Xbox compete, as the companies shell out money for temporary exclusivities for their platforms.

A recent example of this is found in the hit open-world action role-playing game Harry Potter, Hogwarts Legacy. This one offers pretty much the same experience regardless of the platform it’s played on, with one exception.

Hogwarts Legacy for PlayStation features an exclusive horror quest that players can take part in, and the quest is expected to remain exclusive to PS4 and PS5 players for about a year.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, raised the issue in a recent interview, in which he confirmed that Xbox wouldn’t do anything similar with Call of Duty if it took over the intellectual property rights.

In the interview, Spencer said that Xbox wants to increase the places people can play Call of Duty. “Obviously, you don’t make a game bigger by taking it away from everyone playing it today.said Spencer, noting that there are already 58 Xbox Wallet games available on the PlayStation Store.

Spencer was then asked about the possibility of exclusive content for Call of Duty players on Xbox if the acquisition goes through, but made it clear that would not happen. Citing the PlayStation-exclusive Hogwarts Legacy quest as an example, Spencer said that “not the game we intend to have here“.

Spencer acknowledged that exclusive content is “part of industry“, but that Xbox does not claim that weapon skins or certain game modes are exclusive to Xbox with respect to the Call of Duty franchise.

He said that the “same version“game will be available on all platforms, noting that this is already what Xbox is doing with its cross-platform games”,If you’re a PlayStation Minecraft player, I don’t think you’ll feel downgraded.“.

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