Starbreeze Studios and Prime Matter closed 2021 in a big way by reminding with a trailer that PAYDAY 3 is on the way and that it will finally debut in 2023. Well, the company apparently wants to be in contact with fans in the last phase of development and just shared new details about the title.

Starbreeze Community Manager Elisabeth took advantage of the game’s official Steam page to answer the most frequently asked questions from fans.

In addition to reaffirming that the project is in development on Unreal Engine, that the story will take place in New York, and that the original gang of Dallas, Chains, Hoxton, and Wolf will return, Starbreeze confirmed that PAYDAY 3 will be available on PlayStation and Xbox, in addition to PC (before it was only known that it would reach undefined consoles).

Will there be differences between the console and PC versions of PAYDAY 3?

Although it was not confirmed on which consoles of each brand the title will arrive, it was announced that all versions (consoles and PC) will be the same thanks to the fact that they are made in Unreal Engine.

Unfortunately, Starbreeze didn’t take the opportunity to reveal the release date for PAYDAY 3, so fans will have to be patient. The studio anticipated that it will make the announcement later, but reminded that it is already possible to wishlist the game on Steam.

“Come out of retirement and return to a life of crime in the shoes of the Payday Gang, the envy of their peers and the bane of law enforcement wherever they go. Several years after the group’s reign of terror ended in Washington DC, assemble once again to face the threat that brought them out of early retirement,” the game’s official description reads.

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