Grinding gear sets released a trailer showcasing the new Path of Exiles expansion Crucible, which will be released on April 7 for PC and Mac, and April 12 for PlayStation and Xbox. This content pack includes many new features and improvements, such as new league challenges Cruciblenew Vaal abilities, Ruthless Mode Improvementsamong others.

This new trailer was presented by the studio via a live stream from its official YouTube channel on March 30. It shows all the new content that this new expansion will feature. You can see it below.

Most notable is the addition of the Crucible Challenge League. This will allow players to strengthen their weapons with their own skill trees, thanks to its passive bonuses which will be obtained with the experience gained by completing encounters. With them you can improve or increase the power of the characters, taking into account that as the weapons become more powerful, the encounters will have more difficulty. Once the players have reached the end zone, The Forge of the Titansthey will be able to combine the passive trees of two weapons of the same type, creating weapons with greater power.

New nodes have been added to the Atlas passive tree, allowing instant access between two areas. This reduces the number of points players have to spend to move from one side of the tree to the other.

There have been several overhauls such as changes to two old league mechanics; Breach and Abyss. Both of these mechanics have reduced their duration, improving their gameplay, changing the number of enemies that spawn, making them much more dynamic. Half of the masteries have also been changed.

Players will be able to take advantage of new Vaal abilities, improving and augmenting the original abilities. This will give players more power when needed.

This expansion also includes changes to the Ascendants, Saboteur, and Pathfinder, incorporating new features. And finally, Ruthless has been improved, with the return of Eternal Orbs and the introduction of new challenges.

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