Overwatch 2, how to get the pass, skins and other cosmetic items

Overwatch 2, how to get the pass, skins and other cosmetic items

In Overwatch 2 it is possible to earn skins, items, the pass itself by completing a series of missions with different cadences

Battle Pass is one of the biggest innovations introduced in Overwatch 2 but at the same time among the most obvious additions. However, this is not the only way to earn cosmetic items for your characters, but it is certainly the only way to unlock new heroes for use in your games.

However, Battle Pass offers the possibility of getting a new hero both for free and for a fee. In fact, with the Battle Pass you will have the possibility to immediately unlock the first heroine, Kiriko and get a 20% boost on the next experience. Otherwise to get Kiriko for free, you need to get to level 55.

Overwatch 2 is not only downloadable for free, but allows you, through missions at different time intervals, to obtain coins that will allow you to obtain skins, objects and so on

However, each tier of the Battle Pass requires 10,000 ‘Overwatch coins to progress to the next level, so you will need to earn at least 550,000 to unlock the heroine Kiriko.. Otherwise, to get Cyber ​​Demo, a customizable and much desired skin, you will have to reach tier 80 instead, so we are talking about 800,000 Overwatch coins.

So let’s see how you can get free coins to move up the tier.

The game allows you to get 60 Overwatch Coins for free every week and, to achieve this goal, you need to get a certain amount of weekly challenges that are shown in the appropriate screen of the Battle Pass.

Here are the missions to be completed every seven days to get the coins as a reward:

  • Complete 4 Weekly Challenges – Reward: 30 Overwatch Coins
  • Complete 8 Weekly Challenges – Reward: 20 Overwatch Coins
  • Complete 11 Weekly Challenges – Reward: 10 Overwatch Coins

Since an Overwatch season lasts approximately two months, players can start earning coins today and unlock a pass every two seasons for free.
It should be noted that this system replaces the presence of coins among the rewards of the Battle Pass and it is not possible to return the investment of the purchase of the Battle Pass as it happens for other products.

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