Outriders: First patch brings bug fixes, class nerfs and more

Outriders: First patch brings bug fixes, class nerfs and more

The first big patch for Outriders is in the starting blocks: Next week not only the classes Trickster and Technomancer will be nerfed, at the same time there will be numerous bug fixes.

Among other things, crashes are fixed and a bug that deleted your inventory. In addition, the developers want to apologize for the server problems at the launch with a free loot package.

In the following article we deliver to you all important information about the upcoming Outriders patch: When the update should come, what changes players will bloom and what they may need to consider.

The most important information at a glance

The developers of People Can Fly posted some extensive blog entries on Reddit, which prepare us for the upcoming changes. So that you don’t lose track, we have one for you as follows compact summary of the most important changes created. More details on the individual points can be found below.

  • The first patch is supposed to eliminate numerous causes of crashes
  • Many bug fixes are part of the update
  • Inventories deleted by a bug should be restored and the bug itself addressed
  • Connections in the co-op game should be more stable in the future
  • The standard setting for your game is changed from “open” to “closed” so that you do not end up in matchmaking unintentionally
  • Crossplay between PC and console should be restored
  • Players are given a free loot package as compensation for server problems
  • Balancing is adjusted – especially tricksters / assassins and technomancers / technomancers are affected (was already implemented in advance with the last maintenance)
  • Certain enemies (including the Tooka beast) and side mission types (bounty missions, historian quests and hunts) are less likely to drop epic loot (was already implemented in advance with the last maintenance)
  • Expedition times for the ranks bronze, silver and gold are now shorter (was already implemented in advance with the last maintenance)

Patch comes next week

When is the patch coming? There is currently no specific release date for the first major Outriders patch. The developers of People Can Fly have only limited the release to the “coming week”. This means that the update should hit between April 12th and 16th, 2021.

Nerfs for the different classes of outriders – above all the trickster and technomancer – and other balance changes have already gone live: We’ll provide you with more details on re-balancing below.

How big is the patch? There is currently no solid information about the memory size of the update either. As soon as the developers reveal more details, we will of course update this article and bring you up to date.

What does the first patch change in detail?

Re-balancing + nerfs for tricksters and technomancers

Weakening “Bullet Builds”: Both the technomancer and the trickster get a nerf. Specifically, it is about the so-called “Bullet Builds”: Both classes have reinforced bullets as a special ability.

If you align your build with it and cleverly combine appropriate mods and skills, the character quickly becomes overly strong. Especially these builds distribute properly and can be trained to become overpowering fighting machines without much effort.

However, the developers of Outriders assure that the classes of the game should continue to feel powerful. With these balancing changes one only wants to guarantee the build variety and prevent that certain builds turn out to be much more attractive than others and are therefore preferred by players.

Incidentally, the balancing changes are already live and not part of the patch that will be released next week. In addition, People Can Fly is keeping open to making further changes to builds and classes in the future. The current adjustments are referred to as the first step only.

No more legendary loot by repeating missions: Over the past few weeks, players have found that repeating side missions (hunting, historian, bounty) can farm legendary weapons and armor. The upcoming patch will put a stop to this, as it was not originally intended. However, there is no penalty for anyone who took advantage of the exploit.

This triggers mixed feelings among gamers: Most fans agree that any kind of exploits must be tackled. However, it has been criticized that by canceling legendary loot by repeating these lengthy quest lines, the attraction is completely lost. So that People Can Fly will tackle the problem again is likely to be foreseeable in the long term.

Which problems are fixed and fixed

The upcoming patch attacks a wide range of acute problems with Outriders. The most important technical changes can be summarized as follows:

  • Game stuttering on the PC when using DirectX 11 or 12 (especially in cut scenes) should disappear
  • A bug is currently causing the HUD to suddenly no longer be visible when playing. The problem should also be eradicated.
  • In general, random crashes of outriders are to be reduced, specifically there is also talk of crashes at the start of the game or the mission “A bad day”, which caused problems for a particularly large number of players.
  • Players should no longer get stuck in the level environment

Finally, should also Crossplay between all platforms – PC and consoles – will be available again as soon as the update has been made live everywhere.

Inventory bug is attacked, deleted loot is restored

Problem not yet fully resolved, but work in progress: We already reported that in the last few days Outriders had been plagued by a serious bug that partially cleared the entire inventory of players. Developers are aware of this problem and are already working on solving it.

People Can Fly states on Reddit that they have not yet completely eradicated the bug. Nonetheless, the likelihood of the bug occurring has been dramatically reduced with the upcoming patch. A final fix should therefore (hopefully) not be too long in coming.

Lost loot is restored: At the same time, those responsible behind Outriders assure that players who are affected by the glitch should get their lost weapons and armor back. Specifically, there is talk of a “mass recovery”, which is not planned for the actual patch, but for the coming weeks.

They indicate that the items should reappear in your inventory and not overwrite your current equipment. However, there are a few restrictions: If a memory error occurred shortly before the inventory was accidentally deleted, you will not get the last pieces of equipment back, only what was previously in your backpack. In addition, only epic or legendary (i.e. purple and gold) items can be restored.

Nobody wants to be left with empty inventory in Outriders. The problem is now being addressed by the developers.

Free loot pack as an excuse

Server problems at launch: Anyone who tried to play Outriders at the beginning of April should have noticed that the co-op shooter was only playable to a limited extent at this point: the servers could not withstand the onslaught of players, and in the meantime it was not possible to log into Outriders at all, let alone to play in co-op or even solo.

In-game gift as compensation: People Can Fly now wants to apologize to the players concerned with a “Thank You Bundle”: Anyone who logged into Outriders between March 31 and April 11 will receive the free loot package added to their score. This includes the following content:

  • a legendary weapon that is appropriate to the character level
  • the resource Titanium in an amount appropriate to the character level
  • the emote »frustration« (here, by the way, the developers mention that the irony is not intended, but still cannot be dismissed out of hand)
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