The Outer Worlds received a surprise current-gen port earlier this month when the team delivered the ‘Spacer’s Choice Edition’ on Xbox Series X and S. However, the launch may not have happened. as well as expected, with visual and performance issues reported. pretty much everywhere in all new versions of the game.

Luckily, the team is already on it, with several fixes in the works. The game’s first update is currently available on PS5 and most PC platforms, with Xbox and Microsoft Store versions due to launch later this week. Even with this update locked down, more changes are on the way.

Hopefully Private Division gives us some more details on these performance fixes, coming in the game’s second update, as soon as they have the info ready to share. For now, we’ll leave the patch notes for the first update below, which is aiming for a “mid-week” release on Xbox Series X and S.

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  1. The Outer Worlds Update 1.1 Patch Notes

The Outer Worlds Update 1.1 Patch Notes

  • Adjusted settings for Ultra and Very High graphics modes, improving the experience for PC gamers on high-end graphics cards
  • Fixed issues with SSGI set inappropriately on PC affecting performance
  • Updated SSR values ​​to improve Cinematic Mode on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5
  • Dynamic resolution updated on PC
  • Improved frame rate in performance modes for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5


  • Improved PSO experience to mitigate issues when building shader
  • Updated SSGI auto-configuration to avoid scenarios where it would trigger unexpectedly


  • Fixed a rare crash on PS5 in Roseway
  • Fixed possibility of Xbox Series X|S consoles crashing during long syncs
  • Prevent temporary memory leaks from appearing on Xbox Series X|S console UI screens


  • Various HLOD improvements to reduce popping on all platforms
  • Fixed many cases of flickering textures on all platforms
  • Reduced chance of character hair shining on all platforms
  • Fixed two instances of invisible enemies on all platforms.
  • Fixed invisible travel mine beam on all platforms
  • Improved texture resolution on Xbox Series S
  • Fixed skin shading issues seen on some Companions on Xbox Series S

Have you tried this new version of The Outer Worlds yet? Let us know what you think so far.

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