It’s been nine years since Bungie brought to market one of the strongest and oldest franchises in the industry. Destiny was a new proposition where the main objective was to create your own character and evolve it to save the earth. In it, action, adventure, and sci-fi coexisted in an online multiplayer shooter.
From this title, the series of video games has not stopped growing until currently registering a total of two titles full of expansions. The last DLC to arrive was Destiny 2: Eclipse, a title that marks a milestone in the series, as it is Destiny 2’s seventh major expansion.

That said, I must confess that I had never tried any game in the franchise, which is strange to me, because it is one of the genres that I love the most. The reason for this may be due to the combination of an action shooter with aliens. I like this combination in movies for example, but curiously in video games I don’t find it very funny.

That doesn’t mean I’m not aware of the great community it has and the success it has achieved. There’s no doubt that Destiny 2: Eclipse caused quite a stir in the Destiny community. This encouraged me to give him a chance to come to my own conclusions. I won’t go into the rating of the game itself, but I will expound more on my newbie experience and the feelings I had during the game experience.


You might think that games of this genre, shooters, are all the same. The only thing you have to worry about is staying alive while shooting enemies with different weapons, in different spaces, etc. The reality is different, each shooter has a different arsenal of weapons, tougher and tougher enemies, and gameplay mechanics characteristic of the title in question.
I’m not lying when I say Destiny 2: Eclipse is one of the best mechanical shooters I’ve ever played. From what I’ve seen, it’s one of the things that continues to be maintained throughout the franchise.

From the first chapter of the campaign, First Contact, you get a sense of what the Destiny universe is about, what your mission is, and what you need to do. When traveling to a planet called Neptune, your first mission is to enter a ship belonging to the Cabal and Vez forces.

Destiny 2: Eclipse

Once there, with the premise that you must clear the entire ship of enemies, the title introduces you through dialogues and narrative sequences to the villain of the Witness story and what he wants to achieve, the veil. Clearly, you will have to protect it from him during the campaign without a very clear goal.
Introducing the narrative through teaching you how to manage yourself among enemies, is a very decent option for people new to the Destiny universe. It’s also worth noting that it’s a little overwhelming to take on so many creatures from the start, but that’s a small taste of what you’ll find when you arrive on Neptune.


After a crushing clearing of enemies and knowing Witness’s plans, the ship arrives at Neptune, specifically the city of Neomuna. A futuristic city full of neon lights and technology somewhat reminiscent of Cyberpunk. At this point, as far as we know, the locals are hiding due to the sudden arrival of the Cabal and Vez forces. Leaving a bit of narrative, I can assure you with certainty that the setting is one of the things I liked the most about the game.

Destiny 2: Eclipse

Once you step on Neomuna, you must perform various missions, always with the aim of protecting the Veil. During the exploration of the city, you prepare to face a big battle, acquire weapons, make alliances and eliminate a large number of enemies. This is where I wanted to go. From the moment you set foot in Neomuna you realize that all enemies are higher level than yours, therefore the difficulty level is high and your player skills will be ‘judged’. Although it should be clarified that as you progress you will acquire more arsenal and skills to overcome whatever comes your way.

Going back to the main topic of the article, I appreciate that some missions cover what looks like a tutorial for the new Power. In a way, the title takes you by the hand to guide you through all the concepts, both narrative and gameplay. Yes, it is true that this aspect was criticized by some veterans and quite understandable, but for beginners it turned out to be useful.

My first experience playing Destiny 2: Eclipse was very positive. I still have a long way to go, but the first contact was very good. I really appreciate the good intentions of the title to introduce new players to this universe and I will surely continue it without a doubt, I will even encourage myself to try previous titles in the franchise.

Destiny 2: Eclipse

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