One Piece Odyssey is one of the most outstanding games of the first quarter of 2023, especially for fans of the original series and/or the anime. Its premise, very attractive thanks to the supervision of the author himself, won over locals and foreigners with a game that, although it is true that it is not perfect, was very appreciated.

Logical thing if we take into account that with the only weight of the franchise that gives it its name, it has many points in advance; the charisma of its protagonists and the graphic section, very faithful to the original designsThey played a lot in their favor. Its sales weren’t bad at all, and critics rated it positively in general.

The One Piece Odyssey novel has already released its first issue

Precisely for this reason it was not so “strange” that Bandai Namco wanted to make a little more profit out of it. However, what caught the eye was the system, since they did it by a novel whose first opus was published on March 16 in Japan in Mook magazine.

As it appears here, the text is written by Jun Esaka, whom we already know from the novels of One Piece Heroines and for his participation in Naruto: Sasuke’s Story – The Uchiha and the Celestial Stardust. He is an author who has experience in the saga, so we expect him to do a fairly good job.

However, we must not stray too far from the original rules of the game, so we expect work that fits into what we have already seen andn One Piece Odyssey and which does not offer many new details, since the story is not canonical and closes during the game itself. For the rest, it’s still a very interesting detail to continue to delve into one of the greatest sagas in the world. Of course, we still don’t know if it will reach Spain.

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