As World of Warcraft Dragonflight continues to evolve, one of the changes that came with the MMORPG’s latest update, WoW Dragonflight patch 10.0.7, may seem incredibly small, but it was a hit with fans. of Azeroth.

As part of the 10.0.7 update, Dragonriding has seen some big changes, including new races, dragon glyphs, and customization scrolls to alter your drake’s appearance.

Two new traits have also been added to the group, and while both are welcome on the list, all eyes are on two smaller quality of life traits that have eclipsed their seemingly more notable peers.

You can now use your traits with the right mouse button and easily assign them with the left mouse button. You will no longer see a series of different confirmation screens, but just click on what you want and it will be applied.

Now no more Ride Dragons talent confirmation boxes on all talents!
by u/Aernath on wow

It’s a relatively low-key change, especially given how large the patch notes are, but it seems to have won over the community. In a Reddit thread dedicated to the change, the original poster notes that they called on Blizzard on Twitter to remove the constant confirmation screens, and it looks like the devs have heard their prayers. “One small step for humanity, but one step closer to perfect dragon riding!” they write.

“My right hand thanks you Blizzard,” jokes one commenter, while another calls it a “big change.” I completely echo his sentiments: Dragonriding is all about going fast, with everything optimized so you can glide through the Dragon Islands in style. Clunky confirmation screens made the whole process a little clunky, especially if you upgrade traits on the fly, literally as you fly.

Sometimes it’s those little quality of life changes that make all the difference, but if you want to further customize your game’s UI, I suggest you check out our list of the best WoW addons. We also have an overview of all WoW Dragonflight Dragon Glyph locations for the Dragonriders enthusiasts; We’ll do this often in Embers of Neltharion, after all, and it helps to be prepared.

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