Popular streamer Pokimane is panicking about a possible suspension of Twitch after accidentally showing sheer nudity in the middle of a stream.

She watched an episode of the popular anime Food Wars when one of the characters appeared completely naked. Obviously, the streamer hadn’t expected this NSFW intervention. Dexerto reports that Pokimane was trying to get into Twitch’s bizarre show-watching meta, where people watch streamers watching shows.


Given Twitch’s fairly strict guidelines on sexual content and nudity, watching unknowable anime could be considered very risky. But that didn’t stop the streamer from watching an episode of Food Wars on the recommendation of her viewers.

The streamer said: “I’ve heard a lot about Food Wars, I’d love to see that. I’ve seen it once or twice, I remember it was good. Oh my god, I’ll be so hungry. “

Unfortunately, after only a few seconds, Pokimane had to switch off the program, embarrassed. The streamer was taken by surprise when one of the show’s female characters took a bite of a meal that was so good it blew her clothes off.

“Oh my god, sorry! Oh god, I’m so sorry!”, The streamer reacted half laughing, half shocked to the scene in the anime that she was currently streaming live. “Every streamer should know that one shouldn’t watch anime live.” Commented one viewer in the chat while another joked that an anime character would be responsible for “ending Pokimane’s entire career.”

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