As we already mentioned a few months ago, Nexus Game Studios and Nuclear Tales are developing their new title, Randal’s Tuesday, the prequel (yes, even if Tuesday usually comes after Monday) of the hit graphic adventure Randall’s Monday. Finally, the study officially announced the fundraising campaign of the title on Kickstarter, now available.

We already knew that this prequel will be completely different, it will have three different characters and will take place on a university campus, always maintaining its characteristic humor and a story full of surreal adventures. They also made sure that players find references and little homages to the original game.

Despite these winks, players who have not played the first will have no trouble understanding the plot and a demo with six possible endings has also been prepared. Note that this demo version is already available on Kickstarter. A priori, the main version of the game will only be available for PC in English, Spanish and German, but depending on the collection, it could be ported to more platforms and translated into more languages.

The review assured that “we are very happy to be able to share this project with all fans of video games and classic graphic adventures. With the help of the community, we are confident that we can take Randal to the next level .”

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