Sentinel Interceptor ships were added to No Man’s Sky with the Interceptor update. These ships are made from salvaged Sentinel technology and offer a unique spaceflight experience. The cockpit fades out to reveal its surroundings, and these ships often have no parts to repair once unlocked, making them much easier to navigate. This guide explains how to find a Sentinel Interceptor ship so you don’t get stuck in space.

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How to Find a Corrupted Planet

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Before you find a Sentinel Interceptor ship, you need to travel to a corrupted planet. These are easy to find by opening the galaxy map and searching for a star system with the Dissonant description. Warp there, then search for the planet in that system with the Corrupted Sentinels description.

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It will always be a corrupted planet, and it’s the only place you can find a Sentinel Interceptor ship.

How to Find a Sentinel Interceptor Ship

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Once you arrive on a corrupted planet, there is three ways to find a Sentinel Interceptor ship. The easiest thing to do is shoot the space station in this system, shoot down every wave of attacking Sentinel Interceptors and Destroy the Sentry Capital Ship.. This will give you the coordinates of a Sentinel Interceptor ship that has crashed.

Alternatively, you can fly to the Corrupted Planet and attack corrupted sentinels. Once the last wave is destroyed, you will get a free scan. This will reveal the location of a Sentry Interceptor ship, but the location will be called Dissonant Peak. Follow it and you will find your ship. There is also a chance that Large Corrupted Quadruped Sentinels will drop a echo detector it will take you to a ship, but it’s a rare drop. Once you find your new ship, you need to repair it.

How to Repair a Crashed Sentinel Interceptor Ship

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When you first approach a crashed Sentinel Interceptor ship, you will need to remove as many parts from it as possible. These will come in handy later, so don’t lose them. Finding the ship triggers a dynamic quest that requires you to do a few errands before that ship is yours. We’ve outlined each step below so you don’t have to claim your own. We recommend building a save beacon on your crashed ship so you can easily return at any time.

How to Get Radiant Shards

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You will need three Radiant Shards to repair your new ship. You can find them in the large purple crystals scattered all over the Corrupted Planets. These often contain parts of Sentinels, but not always. Make sure you have the advanced mining laser to work with these to get your radiant shards.

How to find an inverted mirror

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You can only get Inverted Mirrors from Dissonance Resonators. These are also scattered around corrupted planets; you can track them using your scanner. There’s usually at least one near you anywhere on a Corrupted Planet, if not two. All you have to do is destroy the machine to get the mirror reversed. However, Corrupt Sentinels will attack when you attack, so be prepared for the fight.

How to Repair Hyaline Brain

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Interact with the Hyaline Brain you got from the crashed Sentinel Interceptor ship and you’ll get a slot for a Monolith. When you interact with the Monolith, it repairs the Hyaline Brain, transforming it into a Harmonic Brain.

Bring all of these items to the crashed Sentinel interceptor ship and it will be ready to claim it. Some of these ships have dozens of slots available, so they are well worth your time. There are a few variations to find, all of which have a distinct Sentinel style.


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