Next March 10 will be Mario Day, and for the occasion, the Japanese firm has planned a brand new package for Nintendo Switch.

The news of the famous mustachioed plumber promises to be more and more proportionate. First of all, on April 5, the famous Super Mario Bros movie with Chris Pratt as Mario’s voice actor will be available in most cinemas around the world. In addition, next March 10 will be Mario Day, a day instituted directly by Nintendo whose purpose is to celebrate the career of the most famous character in the history of video games. Suffice to say that in terms of advertising, the stars are aligned for Nintendo and, not crazy, the Japanese firm has obviously decided to capitalize on this period to sell a lot of new Switches.

Nintendo Switch: a new pack that leaves the choice

Thus, the very reliable leaker Billbil-Kun was able to reveal, a few hours before Nintendo’s official announcement, that a package including both a Nintendo Switch and a Mario game would be marketed on the occasion of Mario Day. Be careful though, this package contains important specifics that you should be aware of. In the first place, the Nintendo Switch present in the Bundle is a Nintendo Switch V2, i.e. the classic Switch (neither OLED nor Lite) in its most recent version (with the autonomy boost). That’s a little disappointing, when Switch OLED should definitely be the obvious choice to sell Switches in 2023.

In addition, there is a subtlety in the game supplied with this console: the buyer can choose between three different games (but obviously can only choose one game). So you can choose between Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Mario Bros U Deluxe.. Since Nintendo started on this “player choice” basis, there is no physical version of the game available in this bundle. What will many Switches sell, while waiting, perhaps, for a real Nintendo Switch 2 with improved graphics?

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