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Nintendo subsidiary NERD announces emulation technology adopted in “Super Mario 3D Collection”

“Super Mario 3D Collection” released as one of the 35th anniversary of Super Mario is “Super Mario 64” for NINTENDO 64, “Super Mario Sunshine” exclusively for Nintendo Game Cube, “Super Mario Galaxy” released on Wii 3rd generation Mario is packed in one.

Nintendo’s subsidiary, NERD (Nintendo European Research and Development) in France, which specializes in software and middleware development, contributed to the porting of these to the Nintendo Switch. The official website talks about what kind of technology NERD used to reproduce the three Mario games on Nintendo’s latest hardware.

NERD is known as Nintendo’s European R & D division and has supported numerous projects over the years. Wii U’s Nintendo DS virtual console and New Nintendo 3DS’s “3D stereoscopic adjustment function”, mini NES and mini NES are also commercialized by the project that the NERD development team was originally involved in.

By the way, there are three main contributions by NERD in this work. First of all, it is a unique GameCube emulation technology, which is used to run “Super Mario Sunshine”. One of the biggest challenges is emulating the old but powerful MPU (microprocessor) of the GC (abbreviation) on the switch’s custom processor, with many optimizations to run the game at full speed. It is said that a trick was needed.

Second, we worked with the Super Mario Sunshine development team to add modern features. This includes 16: 9 HD rendering and new operations with Joy-Con. The in-game images are also said to have been upgraded to HD by NERD’s proprietary deep learning engine.

Finally, regarding “Super Mario Sunshine,” he said that he took advantage of the similar hardware architecture of GC and Wii and provided “graphics and audio emulation technology” to support porting.

Although modern game consoles are more powerful than in the past, the processor and on-board RAM have been reduced due to the price premised on their widespread use, and even retro game consoles have to be emulated as a virtual machine. Seems to be heavy. The technology cultivated to run the game comfortably on such hard-to-find hardware may be utilized in the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro (provisional).

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