Dark and Darker fans have shown their willingness to provide substantial financial support to the game’s developers in their legal battle with Nexon.

The past few weeks have not been good for the developers of online dungeon crawler Dark and Darker. Nexon accused them of stealing assets and then used the DMCA (US Copyright Act) to remove the game from Steam. The developers intend to fight, but it will require considerable resources for a legal battle.

  1. Dark and Darker Developersmass iron studio, wants to ride money for lawyers through crowdfunding website GoFundMe.
  2. One employee, known as Luci, was so frustrated with the situation that he prematurely shared a link to the fundraiser. He stopped quickly, but in just over an hour, while the action was underway, players backed the developers with $46,000.
  3. So it’s clear that Ironmace has a lot of players on its side, and once the set is launched, the studio can count on their support.
  4. In an open letter to the community, Luci also expressed her frustration with the whole situation. According to him, Nexon’s accusations are completely unfounded, but the company has enormous resources and wants to use them to “bleed” Ironmace with high legal costs. As the developer explains, the fact that the developers of dark and darker they are innocent no matter if the team files for bankruptcy before proving it in court.

For now, Dark and Darker is heading exclusively to PC. The game turned out to be the biggest hit at the recent Steam Next Fest, so it’s no surprise that many players want to support the developers in their fight against Nexon.

Remember that the whole problem comes from the fact that Ironmace was founded by former employees of the said company. The latter states that in 2021 they worked on the P3 project, and in Dark and Darker they used elements of this production.

  1. Iron Mace – official website
  2. Nexon – official website

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