News of Redfall PS5 Cancellation Leads to Heated Debates

News of Redfall PS5 Cancellation Leads to Heated Debates

Last night Arkane Studios’ Harvey Smith confirmed in an interview that a ps5 red drop In fact, the version was in development at one point, but was canceled by Microsoft once it acquired ZeniMax Media. This news has called into question Microsoft’s statements in the media about video game exclusivity, and its intentions behind consuming publishers.

Does the cancellation of Redfall PS5 contradict Microsoft’s statements?

Gamers pointed out that Xbox boss Phil Spencer has repeatedly said that Microsoft’s decision to acquire ZeniMax Media was not intended to preclude games from other platforms. “We want more people to be able to play, not less people to be able to play,” he told Kotaku in one such interview in October 2020.

However, Microsoft has been very clear about making exclusivity an integral part of the business. When Microsoft’s behavior after the ZeniMax acquisition emerged during regulatory review of the Activision Blizzard deal, the company clarified its stance on exclusivity for Redfall and Starfield: Both games are new, with no pre-existing sales nor gaming communities on other platforms.

Some say that argument falls flat when it comes to The Elder Scrolls 6, which Microsoft has hinted is exclusive, given the franchise’s history and popularity on PlayStation. This is actually a valid point.

Regardless of your perspective, Smith’s admission to IGN comes at a strange time and will certainly put Microsoft in a tricky position as it continues to convince regulators to approve the Activision Blizzard deal.

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