It’s not every day that we hear developers do the mea culpa and admit they screwed up. Want to hear the New World developers answer questions? Well you’re in luck because this week is the subject of the Forged in Aeternum video.

Many questions from the community are answered. And those tasked with giving answers are game director Scot Lane, creative director David Verfaillie and senior producer Katy Kaszynski. The first question is why there weren’t any fixes to improve PvP, where Lane says it was a mistake not to give more importance to combat balancing in general.

The study has been confirmed to read comments from Reddit, social media, and the official forum. They say the official forum is the best place to leave opinions and questions.

An initiative that I personally appreciate, and which should be extended to other video game studios. There’s nothing like being transparent and rowing together towards a better future.

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