Despite the fact that this 2022 has not been bad at all in terms of launches of great video games, Microsoft and its Xbox Game Studios have been forced to delay several heavyweights such as Starfield or Redfall.

Another Xbox title that we haven’t heard from since its official announcement is State of Decay 3, the new installment in the Undead Labs zombie saga that we hope to see at next summer’s Xbox event, but in the meantime we have to keep spending hours on it to State of Decay 2, which continues to receive content and updates.

Despite the fact that this title has been on the market for four years, the studio in charge continues to release updates with bug fixes and content additions.

A few hours ago we had the second mentioned, as a new police-style weapon pack is available to get in State of Decay 2, including both ranged and melee weapons, as we can see in the small trailer published by Undead Labs in Twitter.

It’s great to see that Undead Labs continues to support State of Decay 2 after these years and hopefully it will continue to do so until the arrival of the third installment, of which we are very much looking forward to receiving news about the development.

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