New PS Stars Collectibles can now be earned by those who have signed up for the free loyalty program. The latest collectibles celebrate the PS3 research effort (email protected) and the PS Plus Festival of Play. Unlocking them on PS5 or PS4 is quite easy, as long as the challenges appear for you.

The Playstation 3 Collectible (Email Protected) is available to those who participated in the Folding Project. The project was closed in 2012, so it is probably a fairly rare collector’s item.

The description of the collectible reads as follows:

A small token of our appreciation for your great effort.

To win this collectible, PS Stars subscribers simply need to fire up a PS5 or PS4 game they own.

Collectible Festival of Play Party Favor

The Festival of Play Party Favor collectible is available for PS Plus subscribers.

The description of the collectible reads as follows:

Thank you for joining our Festival of Play and celebrating all things PS Plus with us!

To get this collectible, the only requirement is to start a purchased PS5 or PS4 game before the challenge expires.

Missed these collectibles? Don’t worry, there are fun Sifu and Glasstron PLM-A35 collectibles to pick up.

Expect to see more PS Stars collectibles throughout the month and year.

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