With Forspoken in the wild for quite some time now, many are having a lot of issues with the PC RPG. Patches aren’t delivering the fixes we want to see, and some players are having glaring issues. Well, Square Enix has taken notice, and a new statement from Forspoken’s director promises to rectify the ongoing issues.

The team behind Forspoken has released a statement on the current state of the RPG, indicating that a major patch and update is on the way for PC which aims to address some of the game’s major issues.

“Thank you to all the players who have enjoyed Forspoken and explored Athia since its release,” begins Forspoken Director Takeshi Aramaki. “We have listened to all of your feedback and are working hard on an upcoming patch which will include general performance, graphics, gameplay improvements and general game content updates and fixes on PS5 and various PC hardware configurations.

“We are committed to making Forspoken the most enjoyable experience possible and will provide an update on the next patch schedule as soon as possible.”

While I appreciate the promise of a great Forspoken patch, I can’t help but notice that it seems oddly vague. This may be down to plans and timing, but aside from promises of better performance and graphics, there’s not much to sink your teeth into.

Interestingly, this comes after a Forspoken PC patch was released which doesn’t really fix much, so hopefully this upcoming patch will up the ante and really make the experience a lot smoother on PC. There is also no release date or window for this patch, so keep that in mind.

Forspoken update 1.002 also destroyed PC gaming, so the Square Enix-published title has been really struggling lately, not to mention all the dialogue-related memes.

You will find the full statement in the abandoned twitter account.

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