New Call of Duty is coming in 2021 - But Nobody knows from whom

New Call of Duty is coming in 2021 – But Nobody knows from whom

On the evening of Feb 4, Publisher Activision Blizzard’s quarterly investor conference took place. As always, there was exciting information. Among other things, it was announced that players should no longer expect Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 this year.

It was also confirmed that again in 2021 a new Call of Duty will appear. However, it is not yet known who is developing the new part.

Who could develop CoD in 2021?

Three different studios have been developing the Call of Duty series games since 2014:

  • Infinity Ward who developed the first Call of Duty and all Modern Warfare titles.
  • Treyarch who are responsible for the Black Ops games.
  • Sledgehammer Games, of which so far Advanced Warfare and WW2 came.

According to current rumors, Sledgehammer Games will be responsible for the development of CoD 2021. Originally, the studio should have released its next CoD title in 2020.

Due to a turbulent 2018, in which the two founders Michael Condrey and Glen Schofield and numerous employees started the company, Activision had to postpone the planned game and bring Black Ops: Cold War forward to the annual release rhythm that has been intact for almost 20 years to maintain.

According to insider Tom Henderson, who is considered to be very well informed in the industry, this should not yet be 100 percent certain. Sledgehammer and Infity Ward are currently in a “developer race” to determine which game will be finished first and will be allowed to appear this year:

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A confirmation will probably only be given when the game is officially announced: Usually this always happened in May, 2020 the announcement of Cold War was postponed to August due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

What do we already know about CoD 2021?

It was not until the beginning of January 2021 that there were first rumors about the setting of the new Sledgehammer game: Allegedly, the upcoming game should deal with a fictional third world war. According to Tom Henderson, however, there should be nothing to do with this leak.

Infinity Ward, on the other hand, is said to be working on a direct successor to the hugely successful Call of Duty: Modern Warfare from 2019. Until we really know which title will win the race for this year’s release, no reliable statements can be made.

We can only be relatively sure about the release date: As every year, the new CoD will almost certainly appear between the end of October and mid-November.

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