Netflix Mobile Games – Everything you need to know

Netflix Mobile Games – Everything you need to know

Netflix Mobile Gaming – In November 2021, Netflix revealed its intention to enter the world of gaming. To increase the value of its service, Netflix would start offering free mobile games to subscribers. Previously, there were only five games available on Netflix. But the library quickly expanded without notice or notice to its subscribers. The games are free to play and have no ads or in-app purchases, a rarity for mobile gaming these days.

Netflix Mobile Games – Remember that you need an active Netflix subscription to play these free games. Here are Netflix mobile games.

Krispee Street – The Krispee Street game is based on a fun webcomic that features a charming, colorful and captivating 2D art style.

Features include:

  1. Hundreds of items and characters to find
  2. Original music and sound effects.
  3. Randomly generated daily puzzle challenge
  4. Thousands of hand drawn characters.
  5. Seven wacky and beautiful hand-drawn levels to explore
  6. Krispee card exchange
  7. Daily self-care wheel
  8. Hundreds of fun animations to discover

Extreme Asphalt
Asphalt Xtreme is an addictive and fast-paced racing game that lets you drive monster trucks, muscle cars, buggies and more, and all of you can upgrade and customize your racing cars. Plus, you can unleash the power of a 4×4 monster truck and indulge your passion for fast wheels with a muscle car or go crazy on the track in a nimble buggy, dirt-loving rally car or unstoppable truck. However, there are new obstacles to overcome and experiences to try with five game modes, more than 300 career events and more than 1,100 mastery challenges.

In the Dead 2
In Into the Dead 2 you have to fight against the undead (zombies) in an action-packed game full of excitement and conspiracy. However, you will need to keep your upgraded weapons and your canine friend by your side.


  1. The game features multiple action-packed chapters, dozens of stages, and hundreds of challenges.
  2. Powerful Weapons and Ammo – Unlock and upgrade melee weapons, pistols, explosives and more!
  3. Multiple, Immersive Environments – Discover different locations, from oil fields and military bases to camps and rural farming communities.
  4. Bonus Story Events – Go through them all, from burning forests to frozen mountain peaks.
  5. Daily and Special Event Modes – Prove your skills to win exclusive prizes.
  6. Loyal Canine Companions: Fend off zombies and stay protected in the field.
  7. Play in offline campaign mode.

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