Netflix maintains its expansion (or introduction) plans in the juicy electronic entertainment market. In addition to increase your video game catalog (which has it, check it out) up to around fifty titles by the end of the year, the company has slowly started to work on other aspects of the industry.

It’s apparently looking for people with “experience with cloud gaming challenges, threat vectors, infrastructure, and customer requirements,” as well as “building games for ‘unfinished’ platforms.” In another list of jobs offered by the streaming company, it is explained that Netflix is ​​“working on new ways to deliver entertainment which require real-time, ultra-low latency network technologies.”

All of this would entail a huge investment for the company, determined to expand your video game service and take it to the cloud. Until now, the games produced and released in the streaming house have been limited to mobile devices, and it features several old works that are “exclusively re-released” without ads. The reality is that up to now they haven’t achieved any repercussions in the market and their only success is limited to some ‘Stranger Things’ themed game, which has worked well so far.

The company tries to find out which games work best among its users and what are the best ways to invest. Cloud technology should be a potential solution for Netflix, which will be able to bring its games to the screen of our televisions without depending on any type of platform. It is also worth mentioning that the company has its own Open Connect CDN, the content delivery network responsible for 100% of its video traffic, in which it is investing precisely to improve and facilitate the transition to game streaming. . The oldest Netflix’s problem, however, is the rest of the video game streaming services which have a high level of popularity and compete with each other, such as Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Now, Prime Gaming and even being generous, even Google Stadia.

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