Last December, a rumor spread that the critically acclaimed Neon White would be coming to Xbox and Game Pass around the same time as the PlayStation version. The latter launched in December, while the game originally released on PC and Switch in June 2022.

Annapurna Interactive He came to deny this rumor on Twitter, but the way they expressed themselves saying “we haven’t made any other plans for December 2022” made it sound like the Xbox version would eventually arrive, but not in December. And so it was. Now the game has been rated for Xbox by the ESRB, making it a matter of when it’ll be released instead of “whether or not it will.”

We’re guessing the Day One Game Pass entry will also be fulfilled, as the original rumor seems to be true, even though it was delayed for a few months. We highly recommend you check out the game because it’s absolutely brilliant, and our Swedish colleagues gave it an absolute 9 in their review.

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