Square Enix announced the launch of Neo: The World Ends With You on Steam, where we have a huge discount and exclusive rewards

Square Enix gives us a very interesting surprise thanks to the addition of Neo: The World Ends With You to Steam. In fact, the game came out last year to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC, but exclusively on the Epic Store. In this way, all fans of the game will now also be able to enjoy the title in Steam.

We recommend that, if you doubt about downloading (or not) the game, the best thing to do would be to do so. Until next Tuesday, October 25, Neo: The World Ends With You will have a 25% discount, so if you want to save a little, this is the time. In any case, the price is not entirely cheap despite the discount, since we will have to pay $213.

The World Ends With You

Something that you also have to take into account if you are going to download the game in Steam is that you will be able to obtain certain exclusive gifts. Next, we show you the rewards for buying it in Steam:

  • Legendary Helmets: Greatly increase loot rate.
  • Legendary Tank Top: Greatly increases attack.
  • Legendary Shorts: Reduces the time the wearer is knocked down.
  • Legendary Shoes: Increase movement speed during combat.
  • Legendary Music Player: Greatly increases HP.
  • Pin: UFO Rescue
  • Textiles: Virupaksa Hoodie: Greatly increases HP.
  • CD: Twister (NEO Mix): Allows you to select this song as the main menu theme.

Neo: The World Ends With You is a game that follows the life of Laughing, a young student in the Japanese city of Shibuya. Rindo and his friends will have to face many dangers in their city to try not to die, although if you like the premise of the supernatural, in this note we explain it a little more.

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