Mortal Kombat celebrates its 30th anniversary after first appearing in arcades in October 1992. The gore style of the fighting game made it an instant classic and influenced the video game industry for many years. The famous license created by NetherRealm Studios was also one of the first series of video games to become a multimedia franchise with films, comics or even animated series.

Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon said:

One thing we appreciate having worked on Mortal Kombat all this time is that some of the team members working on the franchise today weren’t even born when the first installment came out. You therefore benefit from a wide variety of players whose experience and age vary, each coming from a different culture and background. So we never run out of new ideas. And even if I can’t anticipate them all… We will always manage to bring a touch of novelty to each opus of Mortal Kombat, without a doubt. This is something I can say without fear. The Mortal Kombat franchise will never lose its originality, as it will never stop pushing the boundaries of video game design.

Mortal Kombat in numbers

  • Mortal Kombat, more than 79 million copies sold since its creation
  • Mortal Kombat 11, the best-selling title in franchise history with over 15 million copies sold worldwide
  • Mortal Kombat Mobile, over 150 million downloads to date
  • Mortal Kombat, Simon McQuoid’s film generated $ 88.4 million in revenue

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