Niantic and Capcom have announced their collaboration to launch a new free-to-play title for mobile devices, Monster Hunter Now. A game that will bring the Monster Hunter experience to the real world, thanks to the augmented reality experience that Niantic has been developing since even before Pokémon Go, its great success. In it, players who have dreamed of hunting monsters in “real life” will be able to do so, assuming the role of a hunter who must face dangerous monsters with the help of others, since the title offers fast-paced multiplayer battles. .

In addition to hunting, players will explore the real world to find materials with which to later craft weapons and armor. They also have the ability to investigate the habitat of creatures to learn more about their habits and movements.

On the other hand, the title will include a main story and secondary missions. Although the title is initially free, it will contain premium items, as well as well-known characters from the franchise and brand new ones.

Finally, it should be remembered that the title will be available next September, even if interested users can already register on the site of the beta What It will start on April 25.. Keep in mind that access to this beta is limited to 10,000 participants. Those who get it will get the latest game news and updates in their email.

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