Minecraft is one of the most played games today, it has millions of players on all its platforms, making it one of the most profitable franchises of all time. I’m convinced that Anyone Anyone in the world of video games will know what you mean if you say “Minecraft”.
This survival game became a complete success and it is because of this that we had new releases, such as Minecraft Dungeons. In this area, the game leaves aside a bit the survival of the original title and takes us to the world of RPGsovercoming dungeons and facing enemies.

Minecraft could have a real-time strategy title

Jeff Gerstmann is the co-founder of Giant Bomb and has been in charge of releasing this “bomb”. During one of the streams of him speaking to the community, he has said that a new installment of Minecraft is in development and that could be an RTS; Real Time Strategy. Here I leave the link to his reuploaded live so you can listen to it yourself, the topic in question appears on the 1:19:31.

With the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase just around the corner, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that it might be showing up at this big event for the first time. Although for the moment we have to wait for official information. What do you think, do you want to expand the world of Minecraft? No doubt this news will please many people, so we hope to have official announcements very soon. Meanwhile I leave you with the trailer of the latest update of the game, “The Wild”.

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