Minecraft Legends has reached exceed 3 million players since its launch on April 18. It was confirmed Mojang Studios through a press release, highlighting the good results of the title, as well as explaining the next patch it will receive. It seems that Minecraft continues to have a good position in the industry, in addition to demonstrating its great adaptability, always maintaining its essence.

Minecraft Legends is one of the franchise’s best examples of adapting and foraying into new genres in gaming. In this case, we come across a real-time strategy title that has completely changed Minecraft systems, but retains its characteristic nature and aesthetics. It seems that fans of the franchise have enjoyed it quite a bit, as they continue to respond very positively.

Mojang in that same press release revealed some aspects that the upcoming Minecraft Legends update 1.17.28951 will bring. This patch introduces various matchmaking improvements, players will now be able to choose who to play with by adding as many players as they want to their lobby. It will also reduce the waiting time in the lobby.
Finally, some bugs have been fixed, latency on Nintendo Switch has been improved and much more.

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